Attention, ’90s kids: put down your pastel Tamagotchis and prepare to chillax on the couch, because Sister, Sister is streaming on Netflix, and we need a minute to process how many famous faces keep popping up on the screen. Like spotting an old friend walking down the sidewalk, we were excited to see celebrities like Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in an episode here and there, and psyched when we realized celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Rachael Harris, and the late Brittany Murphy had recurring roles throughout the show.

From their retro fashion sense to their ’90s slang, we can’t get over these baby-faced celebrities that keep showing up on screen. Take a peek at some of the famous faces you should keep an eye out for while you watch (or rewatch) the series ahead, and test your Sister, Sister knowledge with this majorly awesome throwback quiz.

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