A holiday fling is dreamy, romantic, and full of endless possibilities. It adds an element to a vacation that makes your surroundings become even more magical and new (they can be heartbreaking too, but that just might be part of the appeal). If a true, real-life travel romance isn’t exactly in the cards right now, then we suggest you dive into a novel instead.

With these books, you’ll travel from Tuscany, to Paris, and even to Maui, experiencing the tastes, smells, and sights of these cities and losing yourself in their corners and turns, while also falling in love with the protagonists. Old romances becoming new again, sparks where one least expects them, and falling in love with a spouse all over again are all narratives included in this list, intensified by a new, exciting destination. You’ll want to cancel your return flight, and keep on reading these forever! Swipe through to find our top picks.

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