Ariana Grande is hitting the laboratory in her upcoming music video. On Nov. 14, the 27-year-old singer teased the visuals for her song “34+35,” sharing an Instagram clip of her working in a research facility. Dressed in a lab coat with a pair of stilettos, she briskly walks through a high-tech room while taking notes on a clipboard. She then presses a red button on an apparatus, and a message appears. “Ariana Grande ’34+35,'” it reads. “Coming soon to a screen near you.”

The song is the second track on Grande’s latest album, Positions, which dropped on Oct. 30. For those who aren’t too keen on math equations, the title is a cleverly prurient nod to a sex position: 69. And if you didn’t catch on strictly from the name alone, then the chorus patently gets the point across. “Can you stay up all night? / F*ck me till the daylight / Thirty-four, thirty-five,” Grande croons. Whew, steamy. Watch the teaser for “34+35” above, and prepare for maximum seduction.

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