Kim Kardashian is really active on social media, as is almost her whole family, which is why it makes sense that a lot of sexy pics also made their way to the platform and people are usually not bothered at all by those! However, it turns out that someone was, this time around – her only brother, Rob Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian took to IG to share a snap that showed her in her underwear, posing with her daughter, North’s dog, Sushi, and Rob was having none of it!

The only Kardashian son sounded pretty mad in the comment section when he decided to tell Kim to stop fooling around!

As you might have figured out, he was just joking around, something fans were happy to see since Rob has been away from the public life for years, dealing with a lot of mental health issues and more!

Lately, however, he has been back to his old self and many have expressed just how happy they were about that.

Kim’s caption is actually what caused Rob to say that, not the pic itself.

It reads: ‘Say hello to my little friend,’ in reference to the pup, of course.

At the same time, however, it is also a famous line from the movie Scarface and Rob called her out for never having watched it, commenting: ‘You never even seen Scarface. Stop playing.’

Users reacted to the interaction, writing things like: ‘He’s getting bold.’ / ‘You top of the Kar_Jenner list for me, best brother ever.’ / ‘We love rob.’ / ‘Wait, what dam(sic) I watch Scarface twice a month. Kim, come on now.’ / ‘@robkardashianofficial [laughing emoji] pop in more often.’

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Say hello to my little friend

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So it looks like people were quick to realize that Rob was just being playful with his sister which is really great to see all things considered!

Rob did announce not too long ago that he was ‘back’ and it really appears that he’s keeping his promise!

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