In a new TikTok video, Liam Payne seemed to struggle to have a chat online with his former bandmate, Harry Styles, and now, diehard fans of One Direction are convinced that it was all meant to be a teaser for their 10 year anniversary reunion! Check it out here!

The video also showed Liam’s brand new beard that has been growing out amid the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine and it’s safe to say that it’s quite the look!


How’s it going?

♬ original sound – liampayne

As he attempted to catch up with Harry over FaceTime, Liam’s facial hair took all the spotlight but it did not last long because something else caused viewers to freak out as well.

The video starts with a FaceTime ring to ‘H’ which is how Harry is apparently listed as in Liam’s phone.

From there forward, the awkward conversation starts with Liam asking: ‘Hey man! Hey, hey, how’s it going? You good?’

Harry, with a huge grin on his face simply responds with ‘Oh yeah!’ and continues to flash that smile without saying anything else.

Liam then noted that their chat was definitely getting pretty ‘weird,’ something not hard to notice, for sure!

‘Someone’s got the giggles. Alright, this is just getting weird now. I’ll speak to you later,’ he says before ending the chat as soon as it had begun!

Of course, the clip was planned out for comedy purposes and so, fans are convinced it was meant to tease their reunion that may or may not happen on July 23!

Here are some reactions from fans: ‘OMG, a July 23 sneak peek? Don’t tease us like that!’ / ‘DONT MAKE ME CRY ITS JULY 1ST IM NOT GONNA HAVE ANY TEARS FOR THE 23RD.’ / ‘IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE 23RD JULY.’

As you might be aware, the band was formed on XFactor on July 23, 2010!

This would not be the first time Liam teased the highly anticipated reunion.

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