As you might have heard, Full House and Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin has been sentenced to 2 months behind bars while her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will be serving 5 months for their involvement in the biggest college entrance fraud case in the United States. That being said, a lawyer explains that it’s possible for them to serve their sentences consecutively instead of at the same time.

Apparently, there is no real reason why both husband and wife would have to go to prison at the same time.

Criminal defense lawyer Edward Molari tells HollywoodLife that ‘When the court sets the two’s surrender dates is all up to the court. There’s no real reason they’d need to serve time at the same time. If a judge’s trying to avoid causing unnecessary complications in their lives one imagines that he’d at least consider structuring their sentences so they mostly do not overlap. They’re fairly short sentences so logistically it seems feasible.’

At this point, it’s still not really clear when Lori and her husband will be heading to prison.

‘That will be up to the judge, and he’ll probably want to hear from the lawyers about when it can realistically be accomplished, usually it is between 2 and 6 weeks,’ the lawyer went on to dish.

But is it possible for them to be on house arrest instead?

Molari admitted that ‘anything is possible but it is more likely than not that they do have to spend at least some of the time in an actual prison.’

The lawyer talked about them getting special treatment in prison as well, which he stressed that it shouldn’t be the case but that history has proven otherwise whenever other celebs get sentenced, usually getting to serve their time at more ‘desirable facilities’ and getting other advantages while inside.

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