Bless Pop TV for resuscitating One Day at a Time when Netflix canceled it after just three seasons. The Alvarez family is the epitome of, well, a real family, in all its dazzling glory. With an assortment of delightfully quirky members – uber-woke and headstrong Elena, vivacious and forever young at heart Lydia, charming and outgoing Alex, unaware-at-times Schneider (yes, he’s one of them), the tight-knit family knowns how to come around at the end of the day. Despite their differences, they have more in common than they let on – case in point, the way the three ladies devour their bags of Cheetos.

Bridging the gap between the two generations, Penelope (played by the phenomenal Justina Machado) is the glue that holds them all together. To fill the gaping period before season four resumes, here are a few oh-so-relatable gifs that prove that “Mami ain’t no chump!”

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