xbox series x console controller

  • Microsoft has committed to releasing the Xbox Series X in November.
  • However, it’s delaying Halo Infinite to 2021 to ensure the developers’ wellbeing.
  • There’s still no price.

Microsoft is finally ready to commit to a narrower Xbox Series X launch window than “holiday 2020,” although it comes with bad news for some of the company’s biggest fans.

The next-generation console is now slated to arrive in November. The company didn’t provide a specific date or any pricing. Still, this will at least help you plan your shopping schedule if the Series X is in your future.

Don’t expect to pick up Halo Infinite at the same time, however. Microsoft has delayed 343’s first-person shooter to 2021 in a bid to provide the “most ambitious Halo game ever” while simultaneously balancing the developers’ “well-being.” In other words, it wants to minimize the notorious crunch time in game development that can leave staff burned out.

The company instead focused on the 50-plus Series X-native titles that would ship before 2020 was over, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, and Watch Dogs: Legion. It also noted that over 40 existing Xbox One games would be optimized for Series X, including Destiny 2 and Madden NFL 21.

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While the health of the 343 team is clearly important, this does leave Microsoft without an obvious tentpole game for the Series X debut. Many of the games it cited are third-party titles also coming to the PlayStation 5, and your choice of system may come down to backward compatibility with your existing library.

As it stands, you may be waiting a while for a more specific release date and pricing. Microsoft is effectively engaged in a game of chicken with Sony — neither wants to reveal details first lest their rival undercut them with a lower price or an earlier debut. You might not get more news until the companies have virtually no choice but to show their plans.